P-520: WWII & Korean War Crashboat


The story of the USS Ling is a sad case study of what happens to historic ships when the money and momentum to fund their upkeep runs out. Settled into the bed of the Hackensack River in Hackensack NJ, the USS Ling is trapped and in worse shape than she ever was during WWII. The ship is a Balao-Class submarine which spent a little over a year in commission between 1945 and 1946 without seeing any real action. Later converted to a training ship at the Brooklyn Naval Yard, she was donated to the Submarine Memorial Association in the 1970s and reverted back to the interior of a typical WWII submarine. A string of bad luck including vandalism and Hurricane Sandy caused expansive damage to the ship through flooding, leaving it in the state we see today.

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Drone footage courtesy of Rocky LaBarbera.

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