P-520: WWII & Korean War Crashboat

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Gallon by gallon, with a submersible pump humming in the background, a group of veterans and military enthusiasts from all over the country have drained the hulking USS Ling, a World War II-era submarine berthed in the Hackensack River long thought to have been lost to flooding.

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Stuck in the mud of the Hackensack River, the USS Ling is too expensive to move, restore, or destroy. And no one is willing to pay the bill.

A New York Times article revealed the sorry state of a historic World War II submarine stuck in the Hackensack River. The 312-foot, 2,500-ton old boat has been the charge of New Jersey Naval Museum, which has been closed since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The small museum, run by the Submarine Memorial Association, consisted of a trailer on the property of the former headquarters of The Record, a newspaper owned by the Borg family, which provided the museum’s lease for the price of $1 a year.

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USS Ling is a US Navy Balao-class submarine. The sub is currently sitting in the mud in the Hackensack River at the former location of the defunct New Jersey Naval Museum in Hackensack, New Jersey. The Ling has no access from shore, has been flooded, and vandalized. Marine enthusiasts are interested in restoring the ship but have not found answers to the logistical challenges of moving the submarine out of a silted up river and past four bridges across the Hackensack River, south of the Ling, that do not open or move.

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