P-520: WWII & Korean War Crashboat

Drone footage I took during my visit to the abandoned WWII submarine USS Ling. The centerpiece of the New Jersey Navel Museum in Hackensack NJ since the 1970's, the institution has since lost its lease to a developer in 2018 and was forced to leave. The only thing left behind is the 312 foot WWII submarine USS Ling. After surviving Super Storm Sandy, the sub later fell victim to vandals in mid 2018. The vandals stole 4 plaques from the sub and opened hatches below the waterline which flooded it in several feet of water. An effort is being made to relocate and restore the vessel, but unless someone can find a way to free it from the muck at the bottom of the river, its fate hangs in the balance.  Ty Chee

This series will take a closer look at the history of the Ling and explore the restoration efforts taking place by a handful of dedicated volunteers to get her ready to be relocated to a new home. We’ll start our journey by taking a special tour inside the Ling with the help of Retired Navy man Roy Venckus who served on the Ling when she was a training vessel in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  Ty Chee

USS LING: WWII Memorial Submarine
Louisville Naval Museum Inc
PO Box 1183. Cambridge, MD 21613

Drone footage courtesy of Rocky LaBarbera.

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